sid parakh & elizabeth krueger



Founded by award-winning interior designer Elizabeth Krueger and Sid Parakh, OPAME COLLECTIVE is an assemblage of furniture, art, accessories, and textiles – each element rooted in the vibration of its materials, justice of proportions, and a wealth of craftsmanship. The collective’s offering consists of furniture and objects designedby the founders, complemented by works of vintage design, and one-of-a-kind ceramics and art from emerging artists. A ganglion of beauty and craft, the artists have been chosen for their artisanal expression – work that inspires reflection, engagement, and a sense of discovery. At the core, OPAME is a tribute to time honored craftsmanship, soulful materials, and forms that radiate poise and grace; a testament to the importance of collaboration in the design process, and reliance on the expertise of master craftsmen to bring the founders’ vision to fruition.