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Angeline Table

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These big, bold woven tables, with their contemporary shapes and designs have been woven by Angeline Masuku, a Zulu woman, who resides in a deep-rural town in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal's traditional Zululand area. Her weaving techniques and the materials she employs are deeply rooted in the ancient Zulu art of basket weaving, which she learned as a child.

In her village, Angeline Masuku is a master weaver, a title earned by those who have acquired the highest skill in fiber preparation and dyeing, as well as in weaving. Such a weaver will exhibit consistent qualities: a tightness of weave, intricacy and smooth transition of pattern and design, good design spacing, the ability to shape large bowls and create unusual forms, and most of all, the capacity to pull at the same pressure, ensuring an even basket.

Only 2 available.  

Dimensions: 20.5"Diam x 20.5"H

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