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Bridget Johnson's smoke-fired ceramics carry an ethereal beauty that stirs the senses, capturing an ephemeral moment frozen in time. Each piece whispers a moody narrative, the smoke imprints revealing a ballet of shadow and light, creating an effect that's both spectral and earthy.

The organic patterns and textures born from the smoke firing process impart an exquisite unpredictability to every work, like ancient artefacts imbued with a contemporary spirit. The overall ambiance of her collection is like a visual haiku, a serene composition that quietly unfolds, captivating the viewer with a compelling, introspective depth. These pieces aren't merely crafted; they are 'born' from the elements - clay, fire, smoke - each leaving their indelible mark.

This is the magic of Bridget's creations: they weave a narrative of mystery and transformation, infusing into every viewer a profound sense of wonder and an intimate dialogue with the visceral essence of the natural world.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5"

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