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Magma Tray - White

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This monumental marble tray, meticulously handcrafted by talented artisans in Puebla, Mexico, is a testament to the artistry and skill that is present in every piece of the Ayres collection.

At Ayres, the philosophy is simple: we deserve objects that possess a soul, tell a story, and have a meaningful purpose within our lives. This is a philosophy that is embodied in every aspect of this collection, from the materials used to the intricate processes that go into crafting each piece.

What truly sets Ayres apart, however, is the intimate and emotional connection that each artisan brings to their work. These pieces are imbued with the very essence of the hands that made them, and the end result is a collection that is both personal and deeply meaningful.

Dimensions: 13.5"Diam x 2"H

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